2011 Caravan Trip

Venice - Grand Canal view
views from Murano

small island of Burano

Piazza San Marco
Gondola station

Camping Natterer See (Innsbruck)
Alba D'Oro (Venice)
A quick refreshment in Murano

A nuptial gondola in Venice
The narrowest house in Venice
My little feet needs some rest...

Water taxi station

On my way to Murano

Margherita is my favorite
Almost as tall as Campanila...
Greetings from Piazza San Marco

A small "street" in Venice
Grand Canale again
An Italian espresso
Me, my dad and a water bus
Me and Granpa'
View from Burg Landskron, Villach, Austria
Eagle flight show at Burg Landskron
Seecamping Berghof, Villach, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Camping Motel Makó, Hungary